Pro Series



CPU Intel Core i7-3930K Intel Xeon E5-2620
IPMI Management/KVM over IP optional for just 20 €/month
Intel-VT (for hardware virtualization)
HDD 4 × 1000 GB HDD
(24/7 Seagate)
4 × 2000 GB HDD
(24/7 Seagate)
RAID Controller Adaptec 6405E HW RAID Controller
Hardware-RAID 10
Uplink 100 Mbit/s
1000 Mbit/s uplink just 69,00 € one-time
Software PRO X1 PRO X2
Delivery state Pre-installed OS
Linux - Suse Linux 32/64 Bit
Linux - Ubuntu Server 32/64 Bit
Linux - Debian Squeeze 64Bit
Linux - CentOS 32/64 Bit
Windows - Server 2003 32/64 Bit Standard (SAL) Optional: 6,95 €/month
Windows - Server 2008 32/64 Bit Standard (SAL) Optional: 6,95 €/month
Suitable for Gameserver hosting
Suitable for LAMP
Suitable for VPS hosting
Features PRO X1 PRO X2
Traffic usage fair use
2000 GB as a soft-limit and as long as you are not constantly or drastically over the limit it is fine.
Free internal traffic
IPv4 5 Addresses included
IPv6 (native) Up to 18.446.744.073.709.551.614 Addresses
Full access (root-access)
Automatic reset via Webinterface
Boot to rescue system
Free 24/7 re-installations
Detailed traffic statistics
Reverse DNS change in Webinterface
Support & Service PRO X1 PRO X2
Free broken hardware replacement
Free Support via Mail
Free Support via Telephone
Free Support via Live-Chat
24/7 on-site staff
Datacenter PRO X1 PRO X2
Please take a look at our awesome Datacenter Facts Page.
Network availability min. 99 %
Server location Frankfurt, Germany
Only brand network equipment
24/7 monitoring
Air conditioning & uninterrupted power supply
Contract details PRO X1 PRO X2
Price per month 139,95 € 219,95 €
Setup (1 month contract) one-time 149,95 €
Setup (6 month contract) one-time 99,95 €
Setup (12 month contract) one-time 0 €
Cancelation period 18 days
Order Order

Optional upgrades

Your configuration Need more RAM? More storage? Want a configuration with raid? We build your server - just contact us.
1000 Mbit/s upgrade 69,00 € one-time
Monitoring/Uptime statistics via Mail 1,50 €/month
Hardware Firewall On request
KVM over IP On request
Additional IPs From 1,00 €/month

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